Our Story


„You live a new life for every new language you speak.“

How our story began…

100! The incredible number of countries, Stephan Behringer, founder of iMU – International MeetUPs, visited within only 10 years! But not only did he learn 10 different languages during his trips, but also he attended countless international meetings all over the world.

Back in Germany, of course, Stephan wasn’t willing to miss the unique feeling only international communities can convey. And so he decided to bring together the wonderful experiences he had made in a simple, but amazing concept. “A relaxed atmosphere, a popular location, no strict rules! – But the perfect combination of socializing and language learning”. According to Stephan, this is the real secret behind his idea, “… as the best way to learn a foreign language is always the communication with its mother-tongue speakers.”

As bright the concept – “Connecting people worldwide” – as successful the event. After the first language exchange had been born in Stephan’s adopted home city Würzburg in autumn of 2014, within only few months, the meetings conquered all big cities of Southern Germany. Today, without any doubts, the gatherings may not miss in any good event calendar.

… and the way it will be continued!

True to the motto “Never stop going, never stop growing”, iMU – International MeetUPs is ready to take its next big steps forward! First direction: Europe! But goals are there to be reached and the whole world is waiting! ; -)

„When I started the first language exchange in Würzburg, my intention was to create a place where people from all over the world can meet, socialize, practice their language skills and simply have a great time together. Today I am extremely proud of what we have reached and every day I do my best to make our events even more enjoyable. Since in the end, for me, there is nothing better than welcoming new members in our community of international friends.“

Stephan – founder of iMU