Let’s TALK!

Let’s TALK! 

Same place, same time, same fun! Every week!



get to know nice people

discover new cultures

improve your foreign language skills

Our meetups take place in exclusively reserved sections of popular and centrally located bars, cafés or restaurants where you can enjoy drinks and food in a relaxed atmosphere. By only playing soft background music, we guarantee the best possible acoustical environment for your conversations.

Upon your arrival our organizers will greet you at the entrance and prepare your personal name tag which includes your first name, country of origin and flag stickers of the languages you speak or want to learn. You buy the name tag once and can wear it at all following events.

Country flags and displays on each table indicate the language currently spoken there. Of course, you can also talk to people individually across the room. The stickers on their name tags will help you to find the right conversation partner for you.

At our meetings, all nationalities, languages and levels are welcome! Typically we have special tables for German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Turkish. Further language tables can be realized upon request!

We are on TV!

Watch the great video made by Franken Fernsehen or write us a message for further information about our events!